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Does My Company Need A Brand Video?

That`s a good question – lets counter that and throw this question back at you – do you feel your company is capturing an acceptable piece of the available market? If the answer to that is ``no`` then a Brand Video could be just what is needed.

93% of marketers who use video say that it's an important part of their strategy

First things first – just what is a Brand Video? It`s easy to get mixed up when trying to understand the differences between Brand Videos and Promotional (see Advertisement) Videos. Essentially, a Brand Video (unlike a Promo Video) does not directly advertise the product or service its promoting. Instead, it creates more of a narrative.

Example – A Running Shoe Company Video that talks about the training intensity of the athletes in a specific race.


What are the advantages of a Brand Video?

Less ``In Your Face``

While a Promo Video has a definitive Call To Action (CTA), a Brand Video is less disruptive. It starts a conversation and educates the viewer. This can be much more favorable to a great many viewers who are fed up with the typical ``Act Now`` message.


Many viewers today are blinded by the sheer amount of traditional Promo Videos and can tune them out. Due to the narrative nature of a Brand Video, it can capture the viewers’ attention through humor, education or sheer entertainment. If done correctly, A Brand Video talks to the viewer and leaves them wanting to know more.


A Brand Video goes deeper into the story or message behind the products or services your company offers the viewer. It builds a level of trust behind the brand and engages customer loyalty. The viewer gets to see the real you and understand how much you stand behind what you do.


So, how to create the perfect Brand Video?

Know your audience Yea we know it’s kinda obvious but many people do forget this point. Who are you making this video for? What are they looking to get out of this video? What do they want? Need to know? What is their passion? Make sure your Brand Video addresses these questions or it could fall flat.

Tell Your Story This is your baby, your company, you have a passion in what you do and that should come across in the Brand Video. Stick with what you know and make the message easy to understand. If you accomplish this correctly that passion will be felt by the viewer, making them want to reach out.

Forget the Call to Action We mentioned this a little earlier in the article. A Brand Video needs to be less about me me me (the product) and more about you (the viewer). The viewer understands the objective is to get them to buy your product or service but they will appreciate being entertained and educated by the video rather than slapped in the face buy an aggressive Call To Action.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day there is no one set way to make the perfect Brand Video. The main thing is to let the passion you have in your company shine through the narrative.

If you have any questions about Brand Videos or need help creating your perfect Brand Video let us know at OUR DIGITAL BUSINESS and let’s chat.



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