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So Why Video?

In a past article we determined that….. If you build it, they will come…..the reviews, both good and bad. But, as stated in that article - if you learn to control the message and get out in front of your customer reviews, they can be one of the largest contributing factors to your company’s growth.

You need to embrace all the reviews, even the bad ones, well have more on this in future articles but for now, let us just say you need to encourage your customers to leave them.

``Knowledge is Power`` - Sir Francis Bacon

Knowing what your customers are saying about your company is one of the most important pieces of information to have – armed with this knowledge you can address customer issues and maybe even adjust your business strategy.

``In the Digital World, Video Is King``

When you have happily satisfied customers, you want to harness this feeling and let potential customers know their story – This is where Customer Testimonial Videos come in to play.

Above text and spoken word, video is, (to date), the most engaging medium on the internet. Nothing brings a story to life like video. It can capture attention, emanate sincerity and drive a compelling call to action like nothing else. Think about it, the best advertising in the world is word of mouth, when one of your happy customers goes around telling their friends just how impressed they are with your company. A Customer Testimonial Video is just an extension of this.

Learn how OUR DIGITAL BUSINESS can help you incentivize your customers to want to do testimonial videos for you and put the power of video to work for you company.


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