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So, you have verified the value of video in your marketing campaigns. Now, how to get them done…? What are your options? How much should you budget? What’s the quality like? Let's see if we can sort out some of these concerns for you….

FACT - 72% of internet users learn about a product through videos.

For the most part, you have 3 options….

Option 1 – Hire a traditional Video/Film Production Company

Overview This is by far your most expensive option. Here you will be hiring a crew to come out to your (or your clients) location to shoot the video. Depending on the budget, there may be alternate location shoots, hired actors, props, and more. They will help you with everything from scripting, development, storyboarding and of course post-production and editing.

Quality It can depend on what you are willing to spend but in most instances the quality is amazing. From HD to 4K video and uncompressed audio. These are typically broadcast-quality pieces.

Cost Cost can vary tremendously, and quite literally ``the sky is the limit`` on what you can spend. Budget at least $5-10K per project to get things started here.


Option 2 – SaaS Services / Apps

Overview This would be your least expensive option. These are typically subscription-based applications that you sign up for and pay per month or annually. The main issue here is, you are doing all the work, and we mean all of it. They will probably have some templates to help you along but there will always be some kind of learning curve. By far the biggest con here is time. Because it’s all on you, you have to spend the time to get to know the software, create the video, edit and produce.

Quality This is going to vary greatly here. If you are using services like Zoom to record interviews with clients, it could be really bad. It can also depend on the quality of the SaaS service. How it lets you manipulate sources of video, images, and other multimedia can all affect the finished product. Not to mention your own editing skills. At the very least aim for SD (Standard Definition) quality.

Cost It is worth noting here that you will always get a better deal if you pay for the service annually instead of monthly. Pricing ranges from approx. $500 - $4000 annually, depending on the SaaS application and its capabilities.


Option 3 – Online Video Production Company

Overview These differ from your traditional Video Production Companies described in Option 1. These types of companies are utilizing current technology and are doing everything remotely. This means a lot less expensive production equipment, less setup time, and no production crew showing up in your front lobby. They will still assist you with development, storyboarding, and scripting, and postproduction is normally as good as most of the traditional production companies.

Quality For the most part, it probably won’t be on par with the Video Production Companies mentioned in Option 1. With that said, if you are placing these videos online then you probably won’t be looking for that kind of quality. Most Online Video Production Companies can produce video in the HD realm, usually around 720p or 1080P and the audio will also be top-notch.

Cost Pricing here is normally very attractive for most small and medium-sized businesses who understand the power of video in their marketing campaign, and have set aside a budget for it. You can expect to spend between $300-$4000 per project with one of these companies.

FACT - Videos generate 300% more traffic to a site than other content formats

Review Obviously, you need to do your homework on any company or service you are going to engage with. Don`t be afraid to ask questions. You need to feel comfortable with who or what you are working with.

If you don`t mind the DIY route then option 2 is the best bet. If you just don`t have the time and the video is being used online then option 3 is the best bet. With Option 3 you will still get a high-quality product but at a fraction of the cost of going the traditional Video Production Company way.



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